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onecallautomechanics.co.nz is an online auto mechanics business with the aim of providing all vehicle maintenance at customer’s home and office by certified professionals.

save a lot of time and cost

We help you save a lot of time and cost by providing you with certified mechanics for your automobile at your doorstep.

never miss an opportunity

This is to ensure that you never miss an opportunity in your work life or social life just because your vehicle was broken.

Take extra care of your car

It is important to keep your car running longer and efficiently, however, it is more important to take extra care of your car or any other automobile that you have invested so much in.

professional mechanics in town

We take care of your car for you with the help of professional mechanics in town, with relevant tools, products and spare parts in the market. Whether it is a simple oil change or complete service, we provide all.

a one-stop online shop

We are a one-stop online shop for anything and everything related to automobiles. We offer various services which include basic service, full car and major car service based on the need and requirement of our customers.

unfortunate emergencies

For unfortunate emergencies like if your tire got punctured or your car broke down in the middle of the road,

best fix for all your automobile

we are here to rescue you out of these situations. We will examine the problem for you and will give you the best fix for all your automobile problem.

online automobile service market

It’s safe to say that we are one of our kind in the online automobile service market. Not to mention, always a call away for our customers.

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What are the Benefits of a 4WD Dual Battery System?

The dual battery system is a familiar subject for every 4WD owner. This is because the dual battery system is the most common 4WD accessory installed by avid trekkers in their vehicles. Yet, what, exactly, is a dual battery system?

The dual battery system literally means what it says. Installing them on a 4WD ensures the functioning of two batteries. This provides a continuous and tempered power supply to a 4WD for a long time.

This type of 4WD accessory has become a must-have for road trip enthusiasts. Items such as additional LED lights, a refrigerator, radios, and SAT phones are provided adequate power for a long time with help from a dual battery system.


What is a 4WD Dual Battery System?


Aptly named, the 4WD dual battery system consists of two batteries. The design of the secondary battery allows it to handle all appliance charging. For instance, the power supply provided by the secondary battery powers up an inverter, a fridge, and LED lights regardless of whether the vehicle is running or turned off.

The design of the secondary battery is different from the starter battery. However, it must be remembered that the secondary battery should be disconnected from the starter battery once pulling off the road.




Top Benefits of a 4WD Dual Battery System


Loss of power supply is prevented in vehicles with a dual battery system. Keeping track of the power used every day is also a benefit gained by 4WD owners with the dual battery system. The vehicle’s productivity is enhanced when 4WD owners are able to monitor the trends and voltage usage.

Other top benefits provided by the dual battery system include:


  • The mobility of the vehicle increases with the help of a dual battery system. The increased potency rate provided to the vehicle by the dual batteries allows it to travel long distances while using several pieces of equipment at the same time. The risk of overcharging is reduced with the improved technicality provided by the batteries.


  • The vehicle’s durability increases with the installation of a dual battery system. Using the power supply through charging of various equipment can rapidly bring wear and tear if only a single battery is used. The uninterrupted power supply brought on by dual batteries ensures that equipment and the running of the vehicle remain charged at peak levels time and again.


  • The vehicle’s dependability increases with the uninterrupted power supply provided by dual batteries. However, it must be noted that the condition, placement, and position of the dual battery system should be considered before doing another operation. Any additional equipment installed in the vehicle should be subjected to a test to determine the efficiency of the batteries.


  • Installing a dual battery system saves time, making it a profitable piece of accessory over time. Not having to stop while on the road to recharge equipment allows limitless travelling time. The continuous work of one battery without any pausing allows gadgets to become fully charged at all times. While investing in a dual battery system is quite expensive, it proves its worth in the long run with the reduced losses while on the road.


  • Reducing the risk of fire means that the right installation of the batteries should be part of the equation. Fitting the positive terminal cable with a set of users from the dual battery is the best way to reduce the risk of starting a fire.


Give us a call or go to our website if you want to purchase a UV4x4 dual battery system.


Finding a Good Auto Mechanic

Finding a Good Auto Mechanic

Great Utah automobile repair work can be difficult to discover. Some automobile auto technicians can’t be depended on to obtain the task performed in a prompt way. Whether your car requirements a solution or a repair work, you have to discover a great automobile auto technician to look after the circumstance to conserve you cash and power in the future.

Discover a dependable automobile auto technician initially by recommendations. Buddies will allow you understand directly up whether their auto technician was doing a great task or otherwise. Recommendations can provide you a great beginning location when looking for a dependable and certified Utah automobile repair work auto technician.

A car auto technician ought to have the ability to solution or repair work your car. They ought to have the abilities and educating required to correctly solution your car. Inspect what educating they obtained, or education and learning they got, previously allowing them begin deal with your car.

Discover an Utah automobile repair work auto technician that informs you the very best methods to always keep your car from requiring repair works. Routine automobile upkeep is the very best preventative determine a vehicle proprietor can take. It will protect your vehicles life and conserve you countless bucks with automobile repair works.

A dependable Utah automobile repair work auto technician will allow you understand the moment duration or upkeep periods that are suggested for your car. It’s a smart idea to always keep your vehicle’s hands-on so you can contrast their suggestion for appropriate solution periods for your vehicle. Inform on your own when your car have to be brought into the store.

Automobile auto technicians can deal with dealerships or separately. Independent automobile auto technicians can be a less expensive option to dealers. They ought to have the ability to provide dealer automobile high quality, however at a cheaper cost.

Maintain a document of any type of solutions or repair works that you do. Maintaining them useful will help you when taking your car into a car auto technician. If you understand it was a while since you have had it in the store, you’re most likely to be most likely to take the car in if you’re examining an issue compared to if you took it in a month previous.

These are just a few points you can do to discover a dependable Utah automobile repair work auto technician. Selecting an auto mechanic carefully can conserve you a great deal of cash in solution expenses. Remain to maintain in addition to your automobile repair works and upkeep so you can conserve cash additional in the future.

Auto Mechanic School – Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Auto Mechanic School – Keep Your Customers Coming Back

The economic climate nowadays has a great deal of needs. The clinical area, for instance, needs more research study on the various feasible illness endangering human health and wellness. The area of style, in the various other hand, needs new ingenious styles for a much more distinct method on real estate.

Nevertheless, the area of mechanical scientific research is not an exemption. This area likewise has a great deal of needs that are not yet met. However the primary need by practically every single among the clients is repair work.

They constantly require car auto technicians and specialists many particularly since cars belong to the everyday cycle of human company as well as their personal lives. Cars show to be an essential innovation that might be used by proprietors to assist them reach their preferred locations as rapidly as feasible.

Currently, there are lots of problems in various cars that can be as made complex as they can be. Some automobile auto technicians and specialists do points to repair work them however the repair never ever last time out of mind they truly are uncertain what the resource of the issue is. This is why a car auto technician institution instructs their trainees one of the most typical as well as the unusual issues that the typical car might experience.

Selecting the appropriate automobile auto technician institution is essential since not all institutions provide the exact same high quality of education and learning. Certainly, selecting the very best automobile auto technician institution will provide you the increase over lots of various other automobile auto technicians and specialists. With this, discovering the very best aspects of automobile repair works will increase your self-confidence that you, as a car auto technician, will definitely please your customers and faithful clients. Being well-informed with cars is likewise the method to acquire those faithful clients and customers.

The great aspect of having the ability to examine in a great automobile auto technician institution is that a company that has a widely known automobile store can either employ you, or you might likewise begin your personal automobile store and make your method to create it huge. You ought to like cars to begin with previously going into in a car auto technician institution to ensure that you never ever obtain sick of what you’re doing.

The world certainly has a great deal of needs and we do not reach satisfy all them immediately. Tasks are truly essential and it is practically like an all-natural instinct for survival, and the task you do will be your resource of living for the years to find.

Whether you begin your personal automobile store or be employed by a company, your objective in this area coincides, please your clients so they continue returning.


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